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Manasquan River Yacht Club (MRYC)
Regatta Injury Emergency Protocol
405 Riverview Lane  Brielle,  NJ
Between Rt 35 Bridge and TreasureIsland, North Shore of River

Emergency or Life Threatening Injury – Initial Steps
  1. 1.Render assistance
  2. 2. Call for help: call  911 or make contact with safety or medical boat.
  3. 3. Get injured sailor aboard safety boat and head to shore.
  4. 4.Notify onshore medical personnel
  5. 5. Monitor and administer first aid
    • o AED located in clubhouse lower level
    • o First Aid kits in patrol boats, clubhouse lower level ice room and kitchen
  6. 6. Proceed to club dock bulk head for medical transfer to shore and ambulance
  7. 7. Send an available person to club entrance to direct emergency personnel to injured sailor
Be prepared to tell 9-1-1:
  • Current location of injured person
  • Description of boats (if requesting on-water help)
  • Where you plan to bring injured person ashore (see below)
  • Age/gender/number of injured people
  • Type of injury/situation
  • Your name and call back number
Emergency Response Pick-Up Location
  • A  Club Dock: On water patients - 405 Riverview LANE Brielle, NJ
  • B Clubhouse: All other injuries - 405 Riverview LANE Brielle, NJ