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Sailing Awards Dinner - November 12, 2011 

 The Fall Sailing Awards took place Saturday evening, were you there?  If so, we're betting you had a wonderful time, thanks in part to the delicious dinner prepared by Phil Biesel, Ron Boedart and crew. Various appetizers, baked ziti, and chicken piccata were among the tasty offerings.

Thanks to Win Miller, who stayed up very late on Friday, to complete his assignment, a great slide show after dinner let everyone be reminded of how nice it is to be out on the water, even on a cold, windy wanted wind, didn't you?

Awards were presented to the winners and qualifiers of the Frostbite Series, Spring M-Scows, Off-Shore Summer Series and Fall M-Scows. The complete list of the sailing  results can be found on the Sailing page, and take note; some young sailors are getting pretty competitive, suffice it to say, Riley Kernan and PJ Brown are not at the back of the pack...

The evening was concluded with the nominations for the coveted Rebecca Nefertiti Dubious Moments In Sailing award.  Once the nominations were closed and the vote taken, the overwhelming 
favorite and winner was LAURIE CUMMINS - "I just have a thing for those old classic boats".  The nomination went as follows:

During a wonderful day of Off-Shore Racing, Her Ladyship just couldn't resist; she just had to get a little closer, in order to see the beautiful lines and the highly polished teak finish on one of those classic boats she was racing against.......but did she really mean to get so close that the entire crew had to move to fend off, to prevent that highly polished teak hull from having a large hole in it?  We don't think so....

It  must have been quite tense for a few moments, but in the end thanks to Her Ladyship's skipper suddenly remembering what she really knows about sailing, quickly turning her boat and with the crews of both boats close enough to shake hands......that classic boat was able to get home to Bay Head that day with the water beading on that lovely teak hull in one piece. But Laurie you won by a landslide, that would have been a very expensive repair.
  Scroll down for photos.

The other nominees for the Nefertiti award were as follows:
Dave Cook -  "He Can't Handle Power "(what amp?)
Bill Surdovel - "Broken Mast" (what lift?)
John Deitz- "The Hunt for Green October" ( I wasn't the Skipper, there wasn't anything to hold onto, the boat was underwater)
June Kingman - "Where Have All The Sandpipers Gone?" (I've already won this award, it was a minor mistake)

Thank you to Rear Commodoress, Nancy, she was a wonderful MC.
Thank you to  Pope Robbie, for making sure the Applause - O - Meter was well calibrated.
Thank you to Paparazzi Dave, for capturing the moments.
Tom, the Stewards and many more members helped, Thank you all.

Sue Deitz                                      
Nefertiti award winner Laurie Cummins

Laurie and her happy-go-lucky crew prior to the close encounter.

The beautiful classic wooden boat that Laurie saw up close. That's Her Ladyship on the right coming to take a look.

Nefertiti Nominee:  John Deitz - "The Hunt For Green October"

Nefertiti Nominee:  John Deitz - "The Hunt For Green October"
Nomination:  Not quite understanding the term "One Design", Deitz and Riley Kernan attempted to sail a small green submarine in the middle of the M-Scow race series on a gusty October Sunday. After repeated attempts to re-submerge after tacking, they finally gave in to submarine equipment failure issues and accepted a tow back to the club. They lapsed into their Russian dialect during the salvage operation, but were speaking English again by the time they sat down for the Chili-Chowder contest. Perhaps it was a language issue...but something that day was definitely  "Lost in Translation."   Submitted by: Tricia Surdovel, Race Patrol

Nefertiti Nominee:  June Kingman - "Where Have All The Sandpipers Gone?"

Nefertiti Nominee:  June Kingman - "Where Have All The Sandpipers Gone?"
Nomination:  One summer day in BBYRA land our beloved PRO (Principal Race Officer), June Kingman, was running thru the different classes of boats, starting each one with efficiency.  So much so that she didn’t realize that there were no boats coming to the starting area for their class.  She had the “Come within hail” flag proudly displayed, yet no Sandpipers heeded her request, but being the competent and dedicated PRO, she started the race anyway. I wonder who won that one?    Submitted by: Nancy Kerr, Rear Commodore



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